Temporary movable barriers


Providing beneficial solutions to ensure the workers’ safety without hindering road traffic.

In heavy traffic conditions, construction causes problems such as dangerous working conditions for workers due to heavy traffic nearby and increased congestion caused by construction work. In construction zones, space is limited for vehicles, equipment, and workers. This situation then leads to an increase in the number of construction stages to be performed in a project. As a result, work is extended and construction costs rise.


Thanks to movable barriers, construction sites are safer and traffic flow is steadier.

Movable barriers from QMB are designed to increase the number of lanes during rush hours, allow counterflow traffic, and expand work areas during off-peak hours.

Movable barriers hence ensure the safety for workers and drivers, thanks to an adequate and visible physical separation of the spaces.

Temporary movable barrier

For work site management

Movable barriers allow the quick reconfiguration of traffic lanes and speed up work completion.

Movable barriers create a safe and flexible work area, which allows contractors to expand the work area during off-peak traffic hours, and reduce or even close the work zone during peak hours, in order to maximize traffic flow.

Larger and more efficient construction equipment can then be used. It is therefore possible to combine or eliminate some operations, allowing complex projects to be completed in less time.

Temporary movable barrier

For traffic management

For redirecting the entire traffic of a highway section in the opposite direction, temporary movable barriers are a reliable and efficient solution.

For managing counterflow traffic during rush hours, this type of installation provides the contractor with a work area free of vehicle circulation and allows a safe management of the opposite lanes.

Daily congestion increases constantly. Movable barriers prove to be an efficient and cost-effective solution for the management of opposite lanes during rush hour. Using unused capacity on an existing infrastructure is a cost-effective way to reduce congestion.

Other types of movable barriers

QMB Barrier also offers several other types of movable barriers that meet the specific needs of each project.


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