About us

Aware of the current needs, QMB Barrier provides quality road safety services and products in order to ensure everyone’s safety on our roads.

Famille Séguin
Séguin Family

Marc-André Séguin, Marie-Claude Séguin and Richard Séguin

Driven by innovation for over 25 years

Our family company was founded in 1993 by Richard Seguin, in partnership with our main supplier, Barrier Systems inc. QMB Barrier provides to its clients innovative solutions that meet the high demands of the market.

Today, QMB Barrier is entirely managed by the Seguin family and makes good use of its expertise to support its clients at all stages of their projects.

  • 1991

    A first!

    First use in Quebec and in Canada of the movable barriers for the execution of the rehabilitation contract of the Metropolitan highway by the company Signalisation de Montréal.

  • 1993

    QMB Barrier comes alive.

    Start of QMB Barrier's operations in Quebec, with its first contract for lane management on the Bisson bridge of Highway 13.

  • 1998

    Ontario operations

    QMB Barrier's expertise is reaching into Ontario. Christian Grondin is in charge of all the operations in this sector, from the Concord office.

  • 1999

    The company settles in Laval.

    QMB Barrier sets up its new offices in Laval.

  • 2000

    Winning team

    Marc-Andre Seguin joins QMB Barrier after completing a degree in mechanical engineering.

  • 2006

    The Seguin family buys back the shares of Barrier Systems inc.

    The shares of Barrier Systems inc. are bought back, making QMB Barrier a company entirely owned by the Seguin family.

  • 2006

    The team is growing.

    Marie-Claude Seguin (civil engineer, MBA) joins the team.

  • 2006

    Launch of Versilis

    QMB Barrier launches the Versilis inc. banner. This branch is specialized in the development and manufacture of automated lane closure systems.

  • 2008


    Versilis deploys its first automated lane closure system in New Zealand.

  • 2018

    QMB Barrier celebrates 25 years of expertise!

    QMB Barrier is proud to celebrate its 25 years of offering its clients innovative products and services.

Our mission is to improve road safety and efficiency by focusing on innovative and reliable products and services.

Innovation is what guides our decisions and is at the core of our operations and products. We strive to become the main leader of the road safety industry, thanks to our innovative approach.

Why choose us?

For our exceptional customer service and turnkey solutions

Today’s road challenges are becoming more complex and require a renewed and adapted approach in order to meet the market’s requirements.

Our unique innovation leadership enables us to provide to our clients new solutions to keep everyone safe, while maximizing project profitability and increasing worker productivity. We offer a wide range of products and our turnkey service ensures our clients unique and irreproachable support. We actively participate in several international committees, which allows us to maintain our expertise in the field.

Thanks to our expertise, experience in the field and knowledge about the latest technologies, our team of experts is able to accompany you effectively throughout the process.

Our values


Our team is both our strength and our pride. We encourage a spirit of camaraderie, because a united team is an effective team. Mutual aid and collaboration at all levels are essential. It is our duty to make sure that our team can count on us too.


As part of both our culture and our raison d’être, we are committed to putting safety first. We are constantly working to eliminate risks to our workers and continually innovate to increase safety for road users.


Work is important, but health, safety and family are much more important. The family spirit of the company is reflected in our culture and our actions. We take care of our colleagues: we invest in the well-being of everyone and their families.

Paving our way

Any team member who is proactive and takes their responsibilities to heart will not go unnoticed. Our strength-based management and unlimited training budget are designed to recognize talent and provide opportunities for advancement.


We are constantly striving to surpass ourselves and make a difference to road users. Everyday, we value ideas and challenge the status quo. Road safety is our calling, and we want to be part of tomorrow’s solution.

Stay authentic

Despite our ambitions, we want to be true to ourselves; not to take ourselves too seriously, to be humble and human. Team fun activities have a special place in our planning and we want to keep it that way. One could say that a sense of humor is required!

Our team cares for your needs.

QMB Ontario

Christian Grondin efficiently manages all the operations in Ontario since the company’s deployment in the province.

Management team

Marc-André Séguin, Myriam Turcotte, Richard Séguin, Marie-Claude Séguin, Sylvie Perreault, Alexandre Hurtubise.


Alexandre Hurtubise, Louis-Philippe Cartier and Florin Barburasa guide and support you and your road projects.


Our administrative staff ensures a good workflow, thanks to their great attention to detail.

Jobsites, yard & shop

The site staff ensures the smooth running of the company by paying great attention to detail. They guide and support you in your road projects.


Myriam Turcotte and Jackie Simard make sure that you are happy at work and that you have fun with your team and your bosses.

Charity support

The organizations we support

Our business partners

Versilis Favicon


Versilis offers automated lane closure systems that optimize the performance of highway traffic.

Always seeking innovative solutions, our experts care about your needs.

Thanks to our great experience in Quebec, in Ontario and abroad, as well as our extensive knowledge of the latest technologies in the field, we are able to offer products and services that meet the complex and growing requirements for safety on our roads.